Pre-Flight Service

Pre-Flight Service

Uncle Moshe’s Petflight service

After we flew hundreds of dogs to many destinations around the world, we are happy to inform of Uncle Moshe’s petflight service.

The process of flying dogs and cats varies according to the laws and regulations of the destination countries and airlines, and requires an understanding on various issues:

  • Regulatory requirements in the destination country.
  • Veterinary requirements in destination country.
  • Airline rules and regulations.
  • Selection of a suitable flight kennel
  • Preparation of a flight kennel
  • Acclimation to flight kennel

A process done calmly and thoroughly prevents problems with the authorities and makes it easier for pets and their owners who can be calm and confident that their beloved pet will fly and arrive safely.

We at Uncle Moshe’s Farm are happy to assist with all that is required for a safe and calm flight .


Basic package:

  • Advice on regulatory requirements in both Israel and destination country.
  • Advice of veterinary requirements in both Israel and destination country
  • Advice on choosing the appropriate airline.
  • Advice on choosing a suitable kennel
  • Guidance on acclimation to flight kennel
  • Advice on preparation of flight kennel

Price- 696 NIS for one pet including VAT.

More Services:

  • Assistance in obtaining official Veterinary Documentation- dealing with bureaucratic agencies in the country can be exhausting and time consuming, we can take care of all the necessary documents.
  • Assistance at the airport – airport registration process may be long, we can take care of your pet during the process and make sure it gets all it needs before the flight.
  • “Cargo” services – Pets that fly without an escort fly as manifest cargo. Cargo flights require dealing with a number of regulatory bodies which may be confusing and complicated. We can perform all that is necessary and make sure that your pet will fly safely.
  • Document Check – If you have decided to obtain the documentation by yourself – we’d be happy to go over paperwork and make sure it is correct and accurate.


  • In some countries of the world, preparing your pet for import may take a few months therefore it is important to start the process as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended not to book a flight before consulting in order to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • It is important to secure the kennel to prevent mishaps..
  • Do not give your pet any sedatives – it endangers the pet.

Lower the stress

Let Uncle Moshe walk with you through the process for a safe and stress-less flight.

Come visit, and you will understand why most vets recommend us

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For further details please contact Yoni Engelberg at the farm offices: +972-3-971-1111, +972-54-496-1100, [email protected]