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Dog Boarding

Holiday on the Farm

While you enjoy your vacation, give your dog a real holiday as well – surrounded by nature and full of fun. A huge lawn, fresh country air, exercise and games individually and with other dogs, all under the care of dedicated and specially trained staff supervised by Moshe Engelberg, the most senior and well known dog trainer in Israel.

Uncle Moshe’s farm offers your dog enjoyment in a safe environment, in spite of your being far away.

A Suite for every dog

For the use of the dogs we provide living quarters of either 36sqm or a double suite of 72sqm, among the most advanced of its kind in the world. Each unit consists of a bedroom, suitable for all weather conditions, and a covered and paved yard. These exclusive features ensure that every canine guest enjoys large, comfortable quarters, freedom of movement, and maximum standard of hygiene.

Playing Field

At Uncle Moshe’s Farm the dream of every city dwelling dog can be fulfilled: a large grassed play area where the dog can exercise and frolic with an experienced staff member. There are also specially constructed facilities for agility games.

While in their suites the dogs enjoy roomy living space and the company of their own kind. The interactive games on the grass with the kennel staff give human contact and developmental challenges. For instance, ball games give the opportunity, which the dog usually wouldn’t have in their home, to test reaction time, running speed, agility, and strength in grasping the ball.

The games also allow the handlers to observe any physical or mental problems that the dog may have, often without his owner being aware of them. The information is, of course, passed on to the owner, together with helpful instructions for treatment. Pictures taken of your dog during his activity or playtime can be seen on the dogblog.


Every dog on vacation at Uncle Moshe’s Farm must be vaccinated with the 6 in 1 vaccination and against rabies. At reception every dog is thoroughly inspected for fleas and ticks, and any other health problems. Any dog found to have fleas or ticks is dipped in a special bath before entering the holiday centre. The entire farm is regularly treated against fleas and ticks. Dogs who are not vaccinated as required, or who suffer from contagious diseases, are not accepted to stay with us!


At Uncle Moshe’s Farm we serve our doggy guests exclusive food graded ‘Super Premium’, individually tailored to meet each dog’s needs according to age, size, health and habits.


The Farm is managed by Moshe Engelberg, with 50 years experience in dog training, behavior problems and puppy training. The kennel staff are students of veterinary medicine, animal sciences or dog training, who care for and pamper the dogs from 7.30am until 20.00pm. At night the entire farm is locked and guarded, as well as having members of the staff permanently living on the premises.

Moshe Engelberg Founder and Owner

Moshe Engelberg is the most senior and experienced dog trainer in Israel. He learnt his profession in South Africa, where he was born in 1941. When he made aliyah at the end of the 1960s he became a pioneer in all aspects of the fledgling dog world in Israel. Moshe was the first to put dogs through the prestigious ‘Schutzhund’ examination, he was foremost in preparing dogs for military operations in the IDF and in training guide dogs for the blind and was one of the founders of the Israel Kennel Club and the Israeli Dog Training Club,

You have probably come across his work: Moshe trained ‘Tulip’ for the TV show ‘Figures of Eight’ and Azit in the movie ‘Azit, the paratroopers’ dog’ and turned ‘Shtecker’ into the trade mark of the Israel Electric Company. Moshe changed ‘Chetz’, a dog very dear to his heart, from an aggressive and disobedient animal into an outstanding actor in the movie ‘Taking the dog out” on the Hot channel.

Moshe’s knowledge and experience have been directed to theoretical teaching as well, and for many years he has been a guest lecturer at the veterinary faculty of the Hebrew University.

Moshe’s sensitivity to the smallest needs of our four legged friends is what has made the holiday centre he built in Kfar Truman – Uncle Moshe’s Farm – one of the most successful of its kind. He set the highest standards in the branch when he insisted on the right of dogs to holiday in roomy suites, surrounded by huge lawns, and with the best quality food and carefully selected staff.


Danny Engelberg General Manager

I have been an avid dog lover all my life. Being brought up on Uncle Moshe’s Farm, and as the son of a dog trainer, gave me a wonderful childhood and stamped in me forever my deep love for dogs. From my point of view the farm is both work place and home and I see our role here as making the farm a second home for your dog.

I wish you Bon Voyage, and a happy holiday with us for your dog.



Anat Engelberg – Kennel Manager

Anat grew up on Uncle Moshe’s farm, surounded by dogs, and was always involved in taking care of them.

Anat has worked at the farm since she completed her military service, and is a very experienced dog handler. Today Anat is the professional kennel manager responsible for the well being, feeding and medical care of all the dogs. Anat personally has 3 dogs who are loving members of the family.

Idit Kovarsky – Kennelmaid

Idit joined our staff in July 2011.
Idit has always been an animal lover and dogs in particular.
Idit is studying dog assisted child therapy, for which she has long term future plans.
At home she has a Labrador called Sol, and at the farm all the dogs are her babies.


Come visit, and you will understand why most vets recommend us

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