Day Care for Dogs

Day care for dogs

Did you ever think of how your dog feels being left alone at home for hours every day while you are at work? What does he do all day?

Why leave him alone at home all day? Bring your dog to Uncle Moshe’s Farm day care, where he will enjoy games with friends and pampering and love from the staff team.

Before we domesticated them, dogs spent most of their day searching for food. They ran and jumped, and generally spent a lot of energy. The process of domestication did not eliminate these instincts, and it follows that when you leave your dog at home alone all day he is lonely, bored, and gets no exercise.

Instead of feeling guilty for leaving him alone all day, bring him to us for a day of fun, games, love and attention in a safe and caring environment.

The day care centre is open from 08:00-19:00.

Come and visit us – Your best friend deserves it!

Uncle Moshe’s Farm day care centre for dogs, Kfar Truman (opposite Airport City)

Come visit, and you will understand why most vets recommend us


For further details please contact Yoni Engelberg at the farm offices: +972-3-971-1111, +972-54-496-1100, [email protected]