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Dog Jumping on People

Dog Jumping on People How to Prevent the Dog from Jumping on You: Every time we return home and the dog jumps on us with his tail wagging we are inclined to interpret this through our human ego: at last Rexy shows his gratitude for all the money the vet cost, he’s waited for me […]

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Getting the Dog Not to Pull on a Leash

Getting the Dog Not to Pull on a Leash How to Stop the Dog Pulling on the Leash When Walking Him: Your young dog is confident when he goes out that the world is wonderful and doesn’t contain anything that shouldn’t be checked out and investigated. How does he check? He gets close, smells, maybe […]

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Stopping a Barking Dog

Stopping a Barking Dog How to Stop Your Dog Barking: Let’s start from the bottom line that makes all the difference – one law for a guard dog and another law for a pet. When you adopted your dog did you want him to be a guard dog or a friend and companion for the […]

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Dog Sits on Command

Dog Sits on Command How to Teach Your Dog to Sit on Command: There are many reasons for wanting your dog to sit on command: when you are outside with him but are busy for a minute and don’t want him to wander around, or if you are with people who are afraid of dogs […]

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Puppy House Training

Puppy House Training How to Teach a Puppy Not to Urinate in the House: After a few months he will learn that it’s not nice for me’, you encourage yourself after stepping in yet another yellow puddle, and wonder how much it is your fault that the puppy insists in marking the path from the […]

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